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Love Is...

Love Is... Matreshka Beatz focuses on music for commercials and online hip hop beats, but they also bring to life emotions that we experience in everyday life. In their ‘Love Is’ track, they touch on the inner most parts of our souls and make us feel as much in the moment as we possibly can at any given time. The melodies, instruments, and mixing effects are by and far superior to most other rap and hip hop beats instrumentals available on the internet, and it shows in their work.  

What do we like to listen to when we are in love? Most of us prefer soft, gentle, and soothing tones that placate our euphoric high during our love fest. We believe that nothing can touch us while we feel deeply in love with our significant other. Rap instrumentals aren’t necessarily known for their ability to speak to our souls, but Matreshka Beatz does its best to exemplify the emotions we feel when we are in love with their ‘Love Is’ beat. In this particular track a mix of electronic and soft soothing notes are used to create an emotional powerhouse of melodic tones throughout the track.

The instrumentals start out extremely low and soft but build and peak when a keyboard is used to compound the music. This creates the emotion and feel of love in a greater way than one might think possible. The result is a fun, harmonious track that speaks to people of all intellectual levels. If you are looking to buy rap beats online then you should for sure check out Matreshka Beatz. Their lineup of original, high quality exclusive beats for sale will surprise even the most hardened instrumental beat critic. Whether you are looking for music for rappers or exclusive rap beats for sale, you will be pleasantly surprised with Matreshka Beats.  

MATRESHKA BEATZ produces professional and high quality hip-hop instrumentals and exclusive hip-hop beats for professionals. You can easily buy these beats online from our online store. Our music will help you to meet your objectives.

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