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Matreshka beatz drum mixing #part1

Matreshka beatz drum mixing #part1
     Drum section is a foundation of every hip-hop beat, so working with EQ, compression and different exciters is the basis thing you should get acquainted with. The hardest thing is to mix kick properly. You should think over the whole idea of the beat. Working on an instrumental usually starts with choosing appropriate one-shots for the drum section. Please note, that all one-shots you pick for the beat must sound clean, as it is much easier to add overdrive or exciter than to clean the sound from them.     

     Kick is the hardest item to choose for your beat. There are 2 types of kicks in a world of modern hip-hop. 808 kick is a synth kick. It always have notes, so choosing it you assign a melody to your drum-section, which further must correspond with a melody of your instruments. 808 kick is usually used in trap music. With this kick you won’t need any extra bass-sections (if only you want to experiment). To make 808 kick punchier you can add acoustic kick to it. Acoustic kick doesn’t contain notes and needs extra bass-section. If you are willing to choose acoustic kick, make sure it sounds appropriate with a sound idea of the beat you are creating. Usually you pick from 2 to 4 different acoustic kicks to EQ them together to get the sound you like.   First thing about mixing acoustic kick – don’t boost bass. 

     The energy of the kick is represented mainly by 50.0 Hz – 150 Hz, raising the bar below 50.0 Hz will add mess to your beat. After importing the first kick one-shot, look at mixer output gain. It must be below -6.0dB to reserve some space for the instruments and bass (if you use acoustic kick). Then go to real-time EQ and measure the frequencies levels of the kick. If it has a lot of sub-bass in it, kill it with low shelf or low cut up to 25.0 – 30.0 Hz. Then add brightness on 50.0 – 150.0 Hz and 2000.0 – 5000.0 Hz.     Naturally every one-shot is recorded in a studio from real drums. Usually some frequencies behave in a strange manner, bouncing from metal or glass counter-parts of the drum or of the room, so mixing kick in middle frequencies means finding sound distortion with peak EQ and then turning the peak down.     

     After equalization process you should use the compressor. The aim of the compressor is to minimize big valuations of different frequencies (multi-band compressor) or of the whole track (one-band compressor). After compression the kick must sound smoother, gaining you more space for the instruments. If you need to boost the kick’s middle frequencies, just add an exciter. You can find different exciter plug-ins free in the Internet, so you have the right which to choose. I would recommend Camel Crusher and Ozone Exciter.    

     This is basic knowledge for you to feel the drum section in my view. Soon I will continue the article, finishing my general ideas of drum section mixing.  See you on 

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