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Matreshka Beatz Musical Styles

Matreshka Beatz Musical Styles
Want to record a song and need an instrumental that fits perfectly? Or just looking for royalty free music for your commercial project? You just need to choose the matching style. Buying instrumental always defines musical style of your song. The same song might be performed in different musical styles, but in order to hit the score you got to achieve originality in particular musical styles and kick it hard!

Matreshka Beatz comprises a great variety of musical styles mixed with Hip-Hop. Matreshka Beatz produces hip-hop beats using elements and features of EDM, TRAP, dnb, pop, trip-hop, roots, rock, reggae, and Russian folk. Such a large creative soundscape provides every our beat with special mood and atmosphere. It may be romantic or sad, hard or chill, dope or nerd, but still it is a hip-hop instrumental or music for commercial. 

What is the main feature that defines the style of music? Well, it is the rhythm section.  Beat temp or bpm is the key point to begin with. The most wanted EDM rhythm is 128 bpm straight beat because it is pumping like human heart and gives euphoric effect at the party. TRAP rhythm is faster – it is 140 bpm break beat. TRAP is about bass kicks, snare progressions and trigged hi-hats. EDM and TRAP are mixed in tracks like verse and chorus.  

Original reggae music style is characterized by slower one-drop rhythm recorded on roots drum sets. However, there is also digital reggae with drum machines’ rhythms. Such a new-age style like dubwise, the reggae evolution, is always performed in stepper style – the bass drum plays on every quarter while snare plays on the 3rd, unlike EDM rhythm. Stepper style is also widely used in old-school reggae like in Bob Marley’s song “Exodus”. 

Matreshka Beatz mixes musical styles in exclusive hip-hop beats production and promotes originality in music. Music for commercials, rap instrumentals and beats for sale is our joy of life and we tend to do it in our own way. Matreshka Beatz styles are miscellaneous and diverse, but always hot and delicious. Matreshka Beatz is always outstanding and special among online hip-hop beats stores because we really care and entertain.  

MATRESHKA BEATZ produces professional and high quality hip-hop instrumentals and exclusive hip-hop beats for professionals. You can easily buy these beats online from our online store. Our music will help you to meet your objectives.

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