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Matreshka beatz drum mixing #part1 Matreshka beatz drum mixing #part1
Drum section is a foundation of every hip-hop beat, so working with EQ, compression and different exciters is the basis thing you should get acquainted with. The hardest thing is to mix kick properly.   

You should think over the whole idea of the beat. Working on an instrumental usually starts with choosing appropriate one-shots for the drum section. Please note, that all one-shots you pick for the beat must sound clean, as it is much easier to add overdrive or exciter than to clean the sound from them.  
Musical Inspiration Musical Inspiration What is inspiration? It is feeling of the necessity to express yourself. It is like a breath of fresh air after long dive or successful landing, like a first kiss after lasting separation from lover, like welcome summer after endless winter. And when it comes there is no doubt what to do. It goes easy and steady, but there is no way to get ready. Just catch the vibe and make it work hard. Euphoria won’t last forever but it may leave fruits of your labour. If you are seeking for creativity here you’ve got to learn to control the vibe and use inspirational high for work and daily living.   
Love Is... Love Is... Matreshka Beatz focuses on music for commercials and online hip hop beats, but they also bring to life emotions that we experience in everyday life. In their ‘Love Is’ track, they touch on the inner most parts of our souls and make us feel as much in the moment as we possibly can at any given time. The melodies, instruments, and mixing effects are by and far superior to most other rap and hip hop beats instrumentals available on the internet, and it shows in their work.  
Matreshka Beatz About 2.0 Matreshka Beatz About 2.0 Are you looking for the best rap instrumentals, music for commercials, or exclusive rap beats for sale? Then you are in the right spot! Matreshkabeatz hip-hop beats production offers the best online hip-hop beats available. Through a dedicated group of skilled beat producers, we have been able to release high quality beats to the world. Our goal is to provide affordable and ‘in demand’ beats that rappers can use in their work. 
Matreshka Beatz Musical Styles Matreshka Beatz Musical Styles
Want to record a song and need an instrumental that fits perfectly? Or just looking for royalty free music for your commercial project? You just need to choose the matching style. Buying instrumental always defines musical style of your song. The same song might be performed in different musical styles, but in order to hit the score you got to achieve originality in particular musical styles and kick it hard!  
Passion is Here (Making Of) Passion is Here (Making Of) Music making needs inspiration. When composing “Passion is Here” instrumental, we listened to classical Russian composers such as Glinka, Borodin, Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov. Their music has been inspiring people for years. The strongest symphonies were based on piano or strings section. That’s why we decided to build a new beat on the strings. 

MATRESHKA BEATZ produces professional and high quality hip-hop instrumentals and exclusive hip-hop beats for professionals. You can easily buy these beats online from our online store. Our music will help you to meet your objectives.

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